I have two decade’s worth of experience spanning for-profit and nonprofit sectors in biotech, wildlife conservation, communications, marketing, leadership and fundraising.

Interested in getting a little peek into my world? Check out MY GALLERY which represents a few of my hobbies and interests.

En route, I worked for multi-national companies like BD Biosciences and Genetix while simultaneously leading community-based ecosystem restoration projects. With inspiration from burrowing owls and an extensive background in business development and marketing, I transitioned to conservation full-time in 2011 and founded Shoutreach Media and brandFALCON to provide much needed design and communications services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Want to dive deeper into my experience, peruse my resume.

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Domain Names

Providing nonprofits and small businesses with unique and premium business and domain names…fast.

Design & Layout

I offer a variety of creative, affordable solutions incorporating exciting design, layout and effective marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Develop, implement and leverage social media strategies to spread the word about your cause or product.

Development Consulting

Custom development plans that integrate communications strategies with trainings, tactical choices, and tools.

Podcast Solutions

Raw audio and post-production work including intros, outros, music, metadata, and cleanup.


Creating engaging videos to help you reach customers and donors…let’s tell your story!